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Welcome to the National Association Of Professional Locksmiths

The National Association of Professional Locksmiths is an elite group of PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITHS. We are dedicated to bringing professionalism back to a once well respected industry. This is NOT the association for the new locksmith.

Our members are ALL highly trained, well established industry leaders. We are not in competition with other locksmith associations or groups. We do not offer traditional classes or certification, membership in this heavily vetted association speaks for itself.  

If youre tired of hearing fellow locksmiths complain about "SCAMMERS" or that their "area wont support prices like those" and just want to meet and establish relationships with like minded industry leaders. THIS is the place for you. 

If you truly consider yourself a PROFESSIONAL LOCKSMITH we invite you to apply for membership.

Fill out the quick form below for more information!

Corporate membership info: please call Larry Roberts with Empire lock & Alarm at  615-972-2876